5 Day Bible Week 1 Day 1

Jan 01, 2022

Note, Thought Discovery - Genesis 1-4

The schedule does not officially start until tomorrow; January 2nd 2022, but I wanted to think through the thought management and capture system so here we are a day early.

There is no real structure to the notes, thoughts and discoveries. The most important thing is that they are captured and searchable. They will be here, but also in a database called Roam Research which is excellent at helping you make connections between entries.

This year will be an absolute scripture adventure and I am looking forward to it! Mom and I have already been on the phone strategizing how we will structure our day so that we stay on track.

How beautiful is that?

One discovery that really stood out was that there were two descendants of Adam named Lamech; one of the branches is wicked.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Note, Thought, Discovery

  • mist from the earth
  • in our image, after our likeness, breath of life made man a living soul
  • John 1: All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made.
  • God rested, the gold in that land was good, put in the garden to dress it and keep it, serpent said, a tree to be desired to make one wise
  • they knew that they were naked, voice of the Lord God walking; cursed is the ground for thy sake, the man has become one of us
  • OCCUPATION: Abel was a keeper of sheep; shepherd -- Cain was a tiller of the ground; farmer --of such dwell in tents, such as handle the harp and organ, instructor of every artificer in brass and iron, such as have cattle
  • unto thee shall be his desire, Cain built a city called Enoch, Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord; Lamech took unto him two wives
  • Enoch walked with God; God took him; comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, Sons of God marry daughters of men.

I will be comparing the Five Day Bible Listening Plan to the 1975 version of The Chronological Bible pictured above. It is in such good condition. Right from the beginning I spotted a key difference which is a memory verse came from.

Memory Verse

A memory verse is a particularly thought provoking or beautiful passage. I found a great app that will just repeat whatever you record in it as many times as you specify. It's called Audio Loop. It can be installed for iOS here:

The Loop Player Android app looks great! I'd like to try it, but will consider a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tablet dedicated to Bible stuffs. I found one on Amazon that looks promising. Although buying it new directly from Samsung at $349 is an option, but it doesn't have the case.

What I like about this particular app is you can edit the audio clip in the app and export the clip! Plus there are some pro features. Here is its listing in the Google Play store.

Here is a memory verse from this hearing.

Word Study Candidate

A Word Study Candidate is a word that I believe if studied in the Greek and/or Hebrew texts or with cross references will reveal further insight to use in journey design.

These are the candidates for this hearing:

  • image
  • likeness
  • soul
  • desired and/or desire
  • wise
  • become


I've already mentioned some apps that help with Bible Study... of course there are the Bible apps themselves. Favorites are:

  • Esword
  • Blue Letter Bible
  • You Version
  • Bible Hub
  • Discovery Bible

Study Guides

Myron Golden has done so much to shape the way I apply, interact and study the Word. The Bible Success Academy is a mainstay.

I am enrolled in the Rabbi Daniel Lapin Scrolling Through Scriptures course. It will enhance studying the original languages.


A desire to help continue to design my journey home was a Five Day Bible. Requirements were for it to be a chronological Bible audio hearing plan that was divided into Sun-Thurs 5 day chunks of about 30 min for mornings on the treadmill; audio AND video that could speed W-A-Y up, slow W-A-Y down, rewind a bit or fast-forward a lot; able to quote without infringing a copyright; and get thru the 66 books in a year.

THAT was nowhere to be found. So I created it. FOR HIM... for me; and for you (if you like that sort of thing. It launched Christmas 2021!! It's the gift that gives all year because it can be started anytime of the year... Visit for the schedule and other resources.

It felt like an itchy Christmas sweater to not have all the videos uploaded to YouTube before Christmas. 😞 As @sisteradmn --a certified project manager and software professional, one of the most annoying things is loose ends stopping the completion of a project!

I'm no Santa fan, but the Descript app was offering a fantastic, free overdub voice in a promo so the Bible Room audiogram below was born. It was so fun to make. That team pushes out so many updates it can feel a bit much, but the Descript product itself is a gamechanger.

I SO DESIRED everything to be done by the 25th, but it just won't happen because of the design. It was A LOT of work. I've been working on it for months.

The only thing left is upload video playlists 3-9. The YouTube channel was to be a pseudo-anonymous, but a new one has a limited number of uploads (now I know).

I could just put it on my channel, because it has a long history and no limits, but that wasn't the vision.

This project constraint DOES NOT STOP the Jan 1st launch and by the time the listening plan gets to the missing weeks, they will be there. My gratification is delayed, but my joy of giving is intact!!

I usually use the chronological Bible from the YouVersion app. It's great!! I've been through the Bible several times with i... but the Five Day Bible fits the design of my journey EXACTLY. 😇

Stay rich,

Sister Admn