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May 06, 2023

A Practical Use For Ai When Writing Marketing Copy

Hey Royals... I have some exciting news! I discovered a new way to tease visitors about the awesome content in the Bible Success Academy, and the results were so amazing that I had to share them with you!

Let me tell you a little story. I was creating a Table of Contents (TOC) for the Bible Study video Myron did this week and I created timestamps to entice people to watch the full video and join the academy for much, much more. I used an ai-powered chrome extension called Glasp to transcribe the video and send it to ChatGPT for a summary.

The result was mind-blowing! And like magic, chatGPT rewrote each line of the timestamps like it was sales copy!

Here is the original TOC:

00:00 INTRO

00:24 Read Psalms 46:1-11

01:33 What "God is in trouble with you" means.

02:33 Mark Chapter 4 story of Jesus asleep during sea storm

03:40 Awareness God is bigger than trouble.

04:58 "Authority is always an alignment issue"

06:15 God is positive in trouble with you.

06:40 Every obstacle is an opportunity to exercise Faith

07:00 God is PERSONAL in trouble with you.

09:54 God is PROTECTIVE in trouble with you.

10:23 The 3 types of fire.

18:51 Protection from stupidity.

21:10 God is POWERFUL in trouble with you.

23:48 God can move you out of my way like He moved Goliath out of David's way.

24:32 God is PRESENT in trouble with you.

25:33 What self-control has to do with joy.

26:55 God is PEACEFUL in trouble with you.

28:39 God is PROFITABLE in trouble with you.

30:29 How faith comes.

31:38 Receive Jesus.


ChatGPT helped this re-write:

00:00 INTRO

00:24 Unveil the Powerful Words of Psalms 46.

01:33 Get the Answer to what "God is in Trouble" Really Means

02:33 Revisit the Story of Jesus Asleep During a Storm & What it Means for You.

03:40 Discover the Profound Roles That Awareness Plays In Trouble.

04:58 Understand Why "Authority is Always an Alignment Issue"

06:15 Unleash the Power of Knowing You Can Be Positive When God is There

06:40 Find Out Why Every Obstacle is an Opportunity to Exercise Faith

07:00 Experience God's Personal Touch in Your Life

09:54 Discover How God's Protection Can Fight Your Battles.

10:23 Learn About Three Types of Fire and God's Protection In Trouble

18:51 Uncover How God’s Protection is Even Available When We Are Being Stupid

21:10 Discover How God is Powerful In Trouble With You.

23:48 "God Can Move You Out of My Way Like He Moved Goliath Out of David's Way."

24:32 Experience God's Presence in Your Trouble is a Source of Peace.

25:33 Learn What Self-Control Has to Do with Joy and When You Should Use it.

26:55 Understand That Peaceful Means Full of Peace.

28:39 Uncover How Trouble Can Be A Catalyst For Profits.

30:29 Learn How Faith Comes and Why Jesus Rebuked the Wind But Spoke To The Sea

31:38 Receive Jesus into Your Life To Have God in Trouble With You.


You must watch this video! …BUT it is just a sample of the awesome lessons in the Bible Success Academy.

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PS: Dr. Myron Golden is an elite speaker and coach that teaches business development from a Biblical perspective. At age 16 he discovered the Bible to be a non-religious, practical guide of things he could do to make his life better.

PSS: The Bible Success Academy is a membership community that stands on the truth that any area that Biblical principles are applied can be exponentially better.

PSSS: Ai helped write this. It's incredible what tech can do these days!