Amazon Alexa Gmail Calendar

Sep 10, 2019

How many times have you been sitting in the office and a calendar event, meeting or webinar came and went and you just simply forgot??

Well, calendar notifications can help, but I don't like stuff randomly popping up on my computer screen. Then I learned that Amazon Alexa could read my upcoming calendar items, but they are HORRIBLE and this mountain needs to be MOVED!!


One day, I asked Amazon Alexa to put something on my gmail calendar...

...she explained could also do calendar notifications.

I was like go head girl do your thang!!

I was standing near the bathroom device at

the time and in the days and weeks to follow, sure enough

Alexa would read my calendar events 30 minutes before it


That is great! ...but the device in the bathroom was doing

it and I could hear that device from the office, but I could

not understand what was being said.

I settled for hearing the mumbled mess and then taking the

time to go to my calendar to see what Alexa was talking about.

This was inefficient. If I could hear Alexa then I would not

have to go read the calendar myself. Since I did not

originally setup the notifications, I did not know how to

change them. The video below shows how to change Amazon

Alexa calendar settings, including changing which device

does the talking!

Here are the steps to change which device announces

your upcoming calendar events:

  1. Open the Alexa mobile app
  2. Choose Settings then choose the Calendar & Email section
  3. Tap the account you want notifications for.
  4. Tap the Calendar Notifications toggle to on
  5. Decide which device should read notifications

Now!!... Alexa announces my calendar events from the office device and this HORRIBLE solution has turned into a 


This is a blog post that was helpful also:


It has additional instructions like:

  1. How to link your calendar to Alexa
  2. How to manage events
  3. How to add events to your calendar with Alexa
  4. How to change calendar events with Alexa

Watch the following 1 minute video: