Design Your Journey Home

Dec 31, 2021

A rich life aligns faith, finance and favor; is free from financial stress; and is surrounded by people and things you love.

But where is home? And what does "life" mean?

I believe this world is not our home and what we believe happens when this "life" is over determines how we choose to live.

When I was just barely a teenager, my junior highschool had career week and I wrote a poem that won the poetry contest. The poem was about the incredible torment that I was already feeling because I was getting closer to having to figure out a career so I could support myself.

My dad had made it very clear that when I turned 18, I was on my on.

...but then there was my God-fearing, anointed grandmother that helped plant the now maturing seed that our ultimate goal in life is to be in service to the sovereign will of God.

Then there is the Word of God...

It was like telling me it's up to me to "find" something for my hands to do and once I've done that do it with all I've got. Well, we've all had jobs we didn't love that were just a means to an end, but generally, after a while, we earn the freedom to be more selective about what our hands (and minds) are doing.

My desire was an entrepreneurial way to serve others that also served my faith. I read a book called "The Oracle" that shifted my perspective on what it means to have purpose. My view now is that it is my job to seek out and do the will of God as I am lead.

The bible is a way to stay sensitive to know when you are being led by God. All the time in between is influenced by my desires and the gifts, proficiencies and favor that I have. It goes full circle because hiding The Word in my heart influences my desires. And THAT is the circle of life.

The finance part has been the toughest nut to crack? What can my hands do that provides the money that I desire while also being faithful. How can I be in complete alignment so life because way easier?

As I write this, an hour before a new year rings in, I can say that I am closer than ever.

Happy New Year.