Do This Every Time You Buy Software or Don’t Bother

Mar 17, 2017

Having a process that you undergo each time you buy software will save you money, time and frustration.

Today was special. I finally upgraded to Snag-It 13. I was introduced to Snag-it 2012 when I worked with an international team of software developers for a fortune 500 company. Since then, every single computer that I have – MUST have Snag-it. I use it every single day, several times a day.

This is a quick video to talk about the procedure you want to use when you buy software. Trust me, stuff happens. Last night, there was a huge fire 2 blocks from my studio and that could have very well been my place and all of its stuff. What would happen? Well, equipment is easy to replace, but intellectual property? Things you’ve created? Those documents and files need to be stored off-site and in as many other locations that you can bear.

For me, the procedure is to make the online purchase, take a snapshop of the receipt with the Evernote clipper Chrome extension, store the executable file hierarchy in the DRIVE— COMPANY— OPERATIONS— VENDOR— SOFTWARE— …or whatever standardized system that you have. You get the point. Just put it somewhere that always put that kind of thing… 🙂

Standard operating procedures like this one ensures that your business can go anywhere you are.