Five Day Bible Errata

Mar 15, 2022

Things We Found That Needed A Tweak

Tues Mar 15th 2022

Mom calls and says something like, "Baby usually when I think I'm in the wrong spot I listen a bit and click and I see I'm where I'm supposed to be, but today it's not working because he starts at chapter 10 and my Bible doesn't read like that."

Well, sure enough after a proper re-creation of the issue I find that the leading zero was not included in the filename of the individual .mp3's that make up the daily episode so the video audio for Week 11 Day 3 - Joshua 7-11 is in this order: Chapter 10, 11, 7, 8, 9

When looking at the staging area for this episode. It looks like this before adding the leading zero to chapters 7-9

The procedure for joining the 5 .mp3's into one .mp3 looked like this:

Instead of redoing that data entry to re-create the .mp3 and then re-rendering the visualization using Video Bolt. I used Camtasia to edit the video with the error.

The renderings from Video Bolt are in three different accounts:

  1. Faith Wildd
  2. Bible Room
  3. Move My Mountain
  4. Dot Pokadolph

The Week 11 Day 3 video was found in the Faith Wildd Video Bolt account. My first inclination was to delete it so it would not be distributed in error, but somehow there was no delete option. Perhaps archive was the only choice so I marked it as "Favorite" and renamed it "wk11-day3-ERRATA".

To compare file sizes, the video created by Video Bolt was 1.5 GB. The video YouTube compressed was 243MB and the corrected video from Camtasia was 363MB.

And just for fun I used the Handbrake app to compress the file even further and that file size was 263MB... so that's the one that was re-uploaded to YouTube named [CORRECTED] 5 Day Bible Week 11 Day 3

Here are all the playlists... still haven't figured out why #8 is sorting 1st