Funnels Are Holy

Jan 19, 2019

I stumbled into computers with a desire to make Sunday morning bulletins prettier. The curiosity and grit to make that happen turned was the beginning of a career.

The Journey

Lorrinda (aka AlorrindA) is a country girl from the farms of North Carolina. The little box was so handy that it became a hobby and a career.

Today?  I’m a funnel builder working with some of the biggest sales and marketing giants in the industry. The difference? Perspective.

Educated And Broken

I was labeled “smart” so going to college “worked” for what it’s worth. I’ve built websites for two decades, attended graphic design and nutrition schools, earned a Master’s degree in business and a professional certification in Project Management… but I was still broke. And I never took the time to master direct response marketing.

Between stints in Higher Education, the Fortune 500, Local Government and Systems Consulting, I’ve earned up to $300,000 a year. I was stressed out working 80+ hours a week. At best, this was a “broken” money-getting system and I felt bound.

The Shift

My shift happened when I met a millionaire who taught Biblical Principles of Success, which included the essence of Truth and the paradigm that business is “God’s” idea that motivates us to yield to Him so that our assignment can yield to us creating the ultimate life of service to others. When you use funnels to fulfill your God-given purpose, they become a tool for worship.

Today?  I’m a funnel builder working with some of the biggest sales and marketing giants in the industry. The difference? Perspective.

Exchange of Value

Business is a simple formula of standing in the way of people who have a problem that you can solve. In exchange for a solution, they give you money and everybody is happy. I have more money and they have one less issue. It really is that simple. In fact, money is just a certificate of evidence that you have served someone.

Training Evangelist

The key is to be valuable. What insight, skill, product or service do you master? Sometimes life experience gives us wisdom that we can sell. Sometimes it’s classes, a mentor, a relationship or product or that gives us something to exchange, but 100% of the time, there is some type of knowledge transfer acquired that you use to help others; which in turn enriches your own life.

Systems Consultant

There is an order to everything in the universe. One of my superpowers is synthesizing ideas into solutions. Nothing intentionally happens without a plan. Plan to be great. Use resources to create solutions. Computers are great for repeatable, scalable systems.

Hire The Web Strategist

The internet is one of the greatest communication tools every invented. Since our ultimate goal is to reach the people we can serve, the web is a cost effective and efficient way to do just that. Use this Dotcom Secrets book to put the web to work for you. The web is leverage and you deserve to have it working for you full time.

Entrepreneurship Advocate

Business ownership is your only option for always having a seat at the table when your day-to-day activities are being planned. The style of your life will greatly depend on your ability to control how you spend your time. Success is accomplishing your purpose on earth. Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for freedom.

Teacher Heart

When Jesus walked the earth, He was a teacher. Dare we believe that He is the greatest network marketer that ever lived? He taught His followers discipleship. One of the most lucrative business models is to create a following, teach your expertise, and sell your advice. This Expert Secrets book will show you how. Teaching is one of the most gratifying things I do.

Hope Champion

Myron Golden is the Millionaire Marketplace Minister that helped me my life in a completely different light. The hope that our lives can be filled with joy through every situation and circumstance is a well founded and well grounded idea straight from the pages of God’s Word

Health Revivalist

If we are not in health as we prosper all bets are off. Caring for the vessel that carries our mission forward is one of the most important things that we do. Understanding that our bodies are designed to heal itself is a powerful motivation to give it what it needs to survive and thrive. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach to save my gall bladder and figure out how to manage sugar levels with food instead of needles. I’ve been making soup every since! I’m something like a SOUPaWoman. 🙂

Faith Enthusiast

Life gets exciting when you realize that you can create faith with your ears. Speak the Words of the Bible and indeed your own affirmations and aspirations into your own heart, mind and subconsciousness so you can have the faith to move mountains.

Whatever you do, give 100%… because 991/2 won’t do.

With Hope Filled Love,


Follower of Christ

Founder of

P.S. Ummm… What’s a funnel? A funnel is a series of web pages linked together that walks you through a sales or acquisition process. A website on the other hand, is like a brochure that a shy company representative hands out and hopes someone will do something. The best business building system includes a website AND funnels.

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