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Oct 01, 2018

“Click and Order for Brick and Mortar” is a book I love that champions the merits of integrated offline and online marketing for exponential business growth. I am all about using the best of things that work.

Stripe is “Online Payment Processing For Internet Businesses” so when you have to take in-person, cash-and-carry sales, you would have to figure out how to use a different solution like “Square” or “Charge ‘N Go”

Stripe’s new offering called “Terminal” is built for online businesses that are moving into brick-and-mortar [environments].”

Operationally speaking, this is important because optimized workflows require systems that seamlessly integrate to maximize throughput. The opportunity here is instead of having to deal with two different platforms for two different use cases, one platform could handle two use cases and your backoffice becomes more simple. In other words the less time you spend focusing on the middleware of your sales cycle, the more time you can spend on the top and bottom of it.


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