Chime In. Know Your Truth.

Aug 22, 2021

Fighting for equality is not my thing. Tried it. Hated it. But thank God for those who did/do! Where oh where would we be without their sacrifices? Fighting for my (our) right and desire to make myself more effective and valuable in this world IS my thing.

I get it. We all have different assignments.

We are cut from different patterns. BUT we are all craftsmen weaving the parallel and intersecting strands of the fabric of our lives.

I’ve got inward parts that hate waste. To me, waste is a terrific indicator of being ungrateful. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t even matter what kind of waste, who is doing it, or whose money it is. All of it will rattle my cage.

Time is the worst thing I can think of to waste, with talent a close second worst.

My assignment is to encourage, so whether your thing is justice, juveniles or juicing, bring your notions, because life is just too precious to not have it all count .

If you are not absolutely positive what your purpose is, then for you (right now) your assignment is to explore. Explore yourself. Explore the people and things around you.

Explore your emotions and reactions to things. Take notes. Show up. Think. Figure it out. Chime in. Find somebody who is where you want to be and learn from them. Invest. Don’t sit on the sidelines complaining about the game.

Jump. That leap can be mighty or tiny. Just don’t waste the fact that there are always people to serve, truth to discover and faith to use.

Yours in Truth, ~lorrinda

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