Loom Pro - NOW It's 6x Better

Jul 19, 2019

Loom is a video recording app that has a desktop version, a chrome extension version and a web app version.

Try Loom.

It is super useful for creating quick videos to share or download. I use it all the time to show colleagues systems steps and procedures. It is also a goto app when you need to show tech support something funky happening with your computer.

When I tried Loom Pro several months ago (on trial). I couldn’t invest in it because it would not allow me to choose which monitor I wanted to record. I had two monitors then and three monitors now so needless to say, that was a huge issue for me.

Today I hit the 250 mark of videos stored in the web app and it was time to either try the Loom Pro version again or wade through the videos to see what I was going to delete…

When you are on Loom Pro version, you have unlimited videos and HD quality, plus some neat editing tools. The free version has a 250 video limit with standard quality videos.

I am happy to say that except for a minor issue with the microphone, Loom Pro worked great. The microphone issue could probably be fixed with some setting or other… but that fix will have to come later (if there is one).

When I first tried Loom Pro it was at version 0.10.7 as or today, I installed version 0.16.0 so I figure it should be at least 6 times better right? {smile}

Let me know if you try the free or paid versions of Loom and you have any questions. In the meantime, master a skill that creates more freedom in your amazing world!

Bye for now, ~Lo


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