RTFM For SendGrid

Sep 26, 2018

The backoffice booby trap we were working on today is email segmentation. Though we use Actionetics in ClickFunnels to “send” emails. SendGrid is the SMTP provider that does the heavy lifting of the send.

The business problem was multiple recipients getting the same email because they are on multiple lists… That’s no crime, but it’s unsightly and slightly annoying (to me). This article (bit.ly/rtfmsmtp) was REALLY helpful to understand SMTP in general, and the difference between transactional and marketing emails. Ideally you want both capabilities, from the same provider, for close to $0.00… we chose SendGrid over the others mentioned in the article.

The interim solution is to understand the capabilities of SendGrid beyond ClickFunnels transcriptional emails and use its impressive email segmentation features to send one copy of a campaign to each person even if they are on multiple lists.

For now, it looks like we’ll be playing a little game of export-fixup-import the list(s)…. but that feels better than getting under the skin of people you aim to effectively serve.

However to know for sure if this solution can be worked into the back office workflow mix, we’ll need to go the courses at SendGrid Academy (learn.sendgrid.com/catalog). Me and Brainy Smurf will go at it and see what shakes out.

From my days in tech support RTFM has less kosher meaning, for today it means “Read The FRIENDLY Manual”

To Be continued…