The Life Jar

Oct 07, 2022

A Bible Based Blueprint For Smart Money Moves

All everyone has to work with to make a good life is the earth, the people, and the economy or market. That's in.

This blueprint is a lifelong plan to give purpose to time and resources that may otherwise be wasted.

Baby Money

100% of income is Baby Money.

  • 10% Give
  • 10% Save
  • 10% Fun
  • 10% Learn
  • 30% Bills
  • 30% Grow

If those percentages don't work for you, change them to something you can commit to as your money management plan. How you manage a million dollars (or any amount) is more important than having a million.

Getting Started

Do a life audit and determine if 30% of your time and money (resources) are being wasted and redirect it to growth. Let's call it a Trash Can To Cash Plan.

This plan was inspired by Dr. Myron Golden's book, "From The Trash Man To The Cash Man, How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere".

Tween Money

Growth money is called Tween Money and it is active income.

Active income investments become Grown Money which is passive income.

Grown Money

Grown Money recycles back into Baby $ so savings, learning, fun and giving, etc, are ever increasing.

Frame everything with the Word of God.

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