Watch Me Rework the BF Logo

Jul 25, 2019

This is a video of me thinking through the need for a one color logo and the solution that evolved.

I created Bald Freedom as a special place to express what’s happening in my business and in my heart. It is also a playground to test tech notions and systems and to be able to just say and do things out loud that just does not anywhere else.

If you have an issue to solve and you have notion and confidence to begin that thing yourself, then please do, otherwise, your job is not necessarily to learn a new skill, but at least learn the best way to hire someone that has that skill. Sometimes we have more time than money and other times we have more money than time, but whatever the situation is, take the path that will get you there with the least resistance.

In this case of re-working the logo, I figured it would take me longer to explain to someone what I wanted done than to just do it myself, so it made sense to just dive in. Another time might be a totally different scenario, but here’s the guideline.

Most of the time, think WHO can help me with this vs HOW can I do this. Finding someone who has already mastered a thing will save you time AND money in the long run, even though you might be out of pocket a bit right now.

However, if it is YOUR thing and you hit a wall, then YOU roll up YOUR sleeves and MASTER that thing because having a new level of mastery in the lane that is already your wheelhouse can only make you that much more valuable to your customers, your job and/or the marketplace in general.

I bought the CS6 version of the Adobe Creative Suite back in 2013 for $3,000 – it was a huge chunk of money back than, but today it still works just fine and I did not need to get caught up in the subscription model that Adobe has moved to with the CC versions. I am not a professional graphic designer. I’m a tinkerer… somebody that just like to create stuff and know how things work. Over the years I’ve learned this or that about Photoshop or Illustrator just well enough to accomplish what I was attempting to do at the moment.

Today, I recommend web apps like to build your graphics. I use it daily. In fact, I put an image on the Bald Freedom Instagram today with a picture I made in Photoshop. The only reason I used Photoshop instead of Canva is because I wanted to cut out around one of the pictures and Canva isn’t made for that. If I were not able to use Photoshop, there are other online tools that can do the trick… Like – which does a great job of removing backgrounds.

BTW, let me know if I should move the crossbar or make it bigger… does it look weird?