Why I Gave $9 To A Weird Prom

Jun 24, 2017

Fundraising is an art. This couple moved me to give and this article

examines the reason I was moved.

The first reason that I gave $9 to a weird prom is because Clarenda’s opportunity to give was relentless and entertaining. One of the first questions we should answer to potential clients or donors is, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

The simple truth is we have so MANY opportunities to spend (give) that the marketers doing the best job of helping me decide the benefits for parting with my hard earned money will likely get more of it.

Second, because he loves her and she loves him. They share that great love that Suzette Vearnon teaches us about. Malcolm has been a good sport and a great supporter during this campaign. When I first saw those cropped heads on bodies on Instagram I was like – “wHAAA?? …they crazy… I like ’em a lot.” It is SO clear that their team is a strong example of what I wanted my marriage to grow up to be had it lived through infancy.

Third, I already have a giving budget and VAE wasn’t on it. 🙁   My annual giving is set. My fun money is set. My marketing money is set. Innovation, learning, savings and bill money? Set. I live by the Millionaire Can Budget from Myron Golden’s book the “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” book.

The $9 was part of a money pool designated for a different giving opportunity. In Hebrew, nine is the number of truth so it worked. You know how $9.99, $19.99 and $99.99 get so much love in pricing strategies? That’s why.  The simple truth is? Clarenda is a crazy (in a good way) fundraiser. She earned that CAN love – no doubt. I serve on a nonprofit board and I want our donors to feel like I feel today.

Fourth, because VAE is a creativity behemoth and I’ve been planning to go to SPARKcon for the last forever. Creatives are some of the most weird, authentic, amazing people on earth. Ask me how I know. Our creator created us to be creative so how can any of that be wrong?

Fifth, because I teach FUNDRAISING FOR ENTREPRENEURS. If you’ve just started a business, you’re probably a “nonprofit” –and nonprofits MUST have income to stay “in business.” Simple and True. Business (especially micro and startup) sales, events and products that benefit nonprofits is just a magical everybody-wins idea.

I don’t believe that all marketplace value is sitting in some pre-made economic pie that we have to get a slice of or be left behind. I believe in abundance. There is enough to go around and then some. All God’s gifts come wrapped in people and the better we serve the more money we can make.

We are all born with the capacity to imagine a whole new kind of pie to slice if that’s what it takes and the market demands it.

Sixth is because the Black on Black V@ exhibition will be dope. I can imagine I’ll make some of the best friends I will ever have when I attend.

Seventh is because every person in the royal court looks like they’re having fun and I love proms! The last one I attended was a Senior prom at a local nonprofit. The ‘ole mama’s and pops dressed up in their Sunday-goto-meeting clothes and shook tale feathers on a late Saturday afternoon. It was SO much fun!

Eight is because I decide… who gets my money, how to influence my impact, if what I do will make a difference.

And number nine? …Clarenda rhymes with Lorrinda and that’s just cute. 🙂

This is why I gave $9 to a weird prom and I hope you’ll have at least $1 reason. Right now.